A Band of 5 Mountain Gorillas


A Band of 5 Mountain Gorillas
2015 – Oil on Multimedia Board – 30 x 40 inches

This painting is a part of a series that explores dwindling habitats and their native animals around the world. Each painting depicts several figures of one unique endangered species hidden and exposed in its environment, inviting the viewer to seek them out and marvel at their natural adaptation to the surroundings.

The selection of animals is a reflection of my interests as an artist in unique forms and landscapes as well as my interests as a budding conservationist. Several species (the California Condor and the Black-footed Ferret among them) have been brought back from the brink of extinction by human ingenuity and hard work, and I loved learning about their efforts and celebrating in their success. Through constant stewardship I think these animals can endure and even thrive to be a part of our world for generations to come.

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