2015 Artwork

This fall, I moved my art studio from a rented space in downtown San Francisco to the attic above my house. Moving is always a good excuse to organize, and I ended up reviewing all of my work from the past year and getting it into order. I’ve recently updated the  ‘Watercolor Figures’ and ‘Unseen Animals’ portions of my portfolio with new work, which you can also view below.

Watercolor Figures:

From 5″x7″ to 11″x14″, these studies are completed during a session with live models for inspiration. Each is completed on heavy watercolor paper in 7 to 25 minutes. All of them are on sale for $45 until the end of 2015 if you are still shopping for the holidays!

Unseen Animals

These paintings are a part of an ongoing series exploring the habitats and habits of endangered animals from all over the world. Each piece depicts a number of a particular animal, though some are easier to spot than others!

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